Woman Who Lives On Border Tells Don Lemon One Major Difference She’s Seen Since Trump Won, He Freaks

CNN’s Don Lemon invited Pamela Taylor, a woman who lives on the border near Brownsville, Texas onto his show thinking that he would be on his side. She did not tell him what he wanted to hear. Taylor had once said that she didn’t think the wall was a great idea because all you need to get over is a taller ladder. She felt like a better idea would be to have more border patrol agents. Don Lemon jumped on this.

“That’s been the conventional wisdom from a lot of people that if you have a 20-foot wall that there’s a 21-foot ladder that can help them get over it. But your house is right there on the border. You can actually watch undocumented immigrants cross into the country from your home,” explained Don Lemon.

“According to just released Customs and Border Protection numbers, illegal southwest border crossings were down by 40 percent last month. Have you noticed a difference?”

“I believe President Trump is making a difference already!,” replied Taylor. This is clearly something that the Trump-hating network CNN likes to here.

“Basically, it was a constant flow of people coming over. Not ones and twos, but by twenties and thirties. Now, we actually get a good night’s sleep every once in a while. We don’t have any interference. Of course, I can’t speak for the Border Patrol. They probably are picking people up, but in such large quantities,” explained Taylor. She went onto explain how illegal immigrants are using children as a ploy to get into America. Check out the interview below.

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