WikiLeaks PROVES Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That Clinton Killed Vince Foster

Sunday’s WikiLeaks dump seems to be a reaction to Hillary Clinton’s refusal to drop out of the race. Over the weekend, the brave truth tellers Hillary Clinton says are run by Russia (though they have been very clear that the Russian government is not involved) said they would release something life-destroying that would ensure “that b–” will never be elected. And they delivered with evidence that Hillary Clinton was, indeed, behind the murder of Vince Foster.

Anticipating this release, a Clinton spokesperson issued a warning that “If you see a whopper of a WikiLeaks” it will probably be “fake.”

This may seem a odd move until you realize what exactly was released. For quite some time, people have been pointing out that Clinton probably killed Vince Foster, and the latest dump of more than 8,000 emails confirms it.

“I thought Vince Foster was the only person the Clintons killed,” one email from July 20, 1993 (the day Foster “committed suicide”) reads. “How naive I was.” But another from Clinton’s friend Huma Abedin (yes, the one who gave classified emails to a pedophile) is the real smoking gun. An email from Abedin to Clinton’s private email account reads:

I did what you asked and sent that “laundry” to the cleaners. Nothing to worry about. VF can’t get your clothes dirty again.

FBI Director James Comey announced Sunday that Clinton would not be indicted for the emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer, but an indictment for this newly leaked email may be in the works for both Clinton and her clear accomplice in Foster’s murder, Huma Abedin, according to a source within the agency.

“Clinton is toast,” the source says. “Even if she gets elected, she will be impeached faster than you can say ‘criminal’.”