WHOA! This STUNNING Stat Proves The Polls Are WRONG…Donald Trump Will CRUSH Hillary!

1If football is “a game of inches,” politics is a game of numbers, and new statistics about this presidential election campaign will leave liberals panicking.

Donald Trump has clearly fired up Republicans across the nation. No matter what his detractors said about him on mainstream and social media, his supporters still turned out in droves to vote for him in the primaries. The numbers don’t lie.

As Jim Hoft reports:

Republican turnout was up 62% this year. Democratic turnout was down 21% this year.

Despite her tight race with Socialist Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton received 1,019,237 fewer votes this year than in 2008. (…)

In 2012 there were 19,214,513 Republican votes in the primary. In 2016 there were 31,108,968 votes. A net increase of 11,894,455 (+62%).

Republicans had 1.1 million more primary voters this year than the Democratic party.

This speaks to the enthusiasm Americans have for Trump, and his willingness to be candid about the problems facing the country. The key is, this enthusiasm has to last between now and November.

The polls that show the race is close or even show Clinton with a small lead fail to take enthusiasm into account. This is the same thing that happened in the recent Brexit vote in England and the 2014 midterms.

The polling industry is in crisis. It can no longer accurately predict outcomes and based on these facts, the biggest fail yet is coming up in November!

Source: Gateway Pundit