WH Secretary Sarah Sent Chills Down Jim Acosta’s Spine After Asking About 2nd Amendment

CNN cannot be trusted to provide Americans with the real news and there is no excuse for what they have been doing to attack President Trump and his administration. Jim Acosta began asking White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders questions about the Amendments to the Constitution. Even in the midst of a tragedy like Las Vegas, where at least 58 people died, CNN is willing to continue attacking President Trump.

“Does he value the First Amendment as much as he values the Second Amendment?” Acosta asked smugly, obviously looking for a fight.

Sanders fired back:
“Absolutely,” Sanders shut Acosta down. “The president is an incredible advocate of the First Amendment, but with the First Amendment, with those freedoms also come responsibilities. And you have a responsibility, to tell the truth, to be accurate.”

“I think, right now, when we’ve seen recent information that says that only 5 percent of media coverage has been positive about this president’s administration, while at the same time, you have the stock market and economic confidence at an all-time high, ISIS is on the run, unemployment is at the lowest level it’s been in 17 years, we’ve cut regulations at a historic pace, we’re fixing the V.A. for our vets,” she explained.

“You’ve only found 5 percent of your time to focus on some of those issues. And frankly, those are the issues that most Americans care about, not a lot of the things that you cover. Not a lot of the petty palace intrigue you spend your time on.”

Watch below:

Acosta was not expecting that kind of response from the Press Secretary. But Huckabee-Sanders knows when to fight and this was the time.

President Trump has been doing great things for out country no matter how many lies CNN tells. Do you agree?

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