WATCH: Rand Paul EXPOSES The Truth About Paris Accord, The Media Is LYING

President Trump officially made the call yesterday to pull us out of the Paris Climate deal. The Left went crazy and started freaking out almost immediately. As more information comes out liberals will be ducking and covering for their safe spaces.

The truth is, we are going to be in FAR better shape than before Obama joined in on the “environmentally friendly” bill in 2015, according to Fox News. Rand Paul came out to talk on the subject last night.  Paul explained one CRUCIAL factor that everyone on the Left has been lying about: this climate deal WAS DESTROYING jobs here and NEEDED to be stopped!

Paul went as far as to call the one-sided deal a “disaster for American jobs.” Essentially, there are standards that the U.S. is supposed to follow while everyone else gets a free ride. China, the country that pollutes more than any other country, has no limit on their green gas emissions. This “deal” expects us to drop our green gas emissions 20 percent by 2020. Seriously?

There are a couple of other key factors about the climate deal that the Left seems to “forget” about during their pointless ranting. The deal is non-binding, meaning we can opt out at any time without ANY repercussions. Why are they SO upset? The Left is acting INSANELY overdramatic, as usual.

The deal was also never ratified by Congress, so there is NO obligation that needs to be upheld aside from the security of jobs in our country. Liberals don’t see a single issue with cutting into the pockets of hardworking American families as long as it suits their agenda.

Paul went on to praise the way President Trump is making deals on behalf of the United States. Trump has not involved us in any international treaties that would economically cripple us. In other words, our president is acting like a TRUE representative of the people.

We all know that Obama took part in the deal because he wanted to make side deals with all of his buddies from around the world. Obama couldn’t have cared less what we thought or what course of action had our best interests in mind.

It is almost amusing how up in arms liberals are now that Trump officially pulled us from the deal. The insane part is that Trump even agreed to reenter IF the terms were fair for the American people. He went on to explain if they can’t come up with a deal, he will start something new and efficient here at home!

We cannot figure out what the Left’s problem is, except that they are looking for another excuse to whine. Liberals will take any opportunity they can to bad talk our president. How can they claim that the president is intolerant, yet are unwilling to listen to ANYTHING people on the Right have to say? Here we have hypocrisy at its finest.

Patriots in this country KNOW that President Trump made the right move. We support his decision and know that he has one goal in mind: bring success back to our great country. Trump has consistently delivered on his promises from day one, and we can’t wait to see what changes he makes moving forward!

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