WATCH!!! NATO Confirms U.S Leadership In the Alliance! Trump SEALED THE DEAL With This Statement!

The problem with Liberals is that those lobbyists are desperately trying to present Trump as bad as possible, often using the social media and certain celebrities as mighty tools.

If you remember, several weeks ago, those so called Democrats are proclaiming that Trump will “ruin the world economy”. That escalated quickly as the same bunch of people made far more HIDEOUS statements.

After only 10 days of presidential mandate, Donald Trump made a HUGE success in US and International politics.

Just listen what he says…

Unexpectedly, this morning the Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg briefly declared US as a leading country in the alliance.


He agreed with Mr. Trump’s demand every country to pay the 2% GDP. This demand is a counteroffer for their participation in the alliance. That threat was directly pointed at countries that are REFUSING to pay and are used to riding on US back.

Summing up, the Apple relocation, Ford’s contract and now THIS!! Quite some actions for a “bad” president.