WATCH!!! Donald Trump SHOCKED Immediately After Landing At Washington D.C!

Couple of days after Trump’s legendary win over Hillary Clinton, ex-president Barack Obama has decided to put aside his personal emotions and invited the president to a tete-a-tete meeting to the White House. Obama’s invitation is undoubtedly shady, probably in hope of convincing the newly elected president to maintain his dishonest and shameful initiatives. Just pathetic!

Daily Mail reports: Donald and Melania Trump departed from LaGuardia Airport only few minutes after 9:30am with their private Boeing 757 which landed at Ronald Regan National Airport in Washington D.C at half past 10am. They were immediately transported to the White House’s back entry before 11am which is inaccessible to the press.

Jared Kushner, SEO of the New York Observer and personal adviser to the president election campaign, came with Mr. Trump as well. He was seen in discussion with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough. This fact leads to a belief that Trump is considering him for this position.

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