Vladimir Putin Sends John McCain A Message, No One Saw It Coming

Oliver Stone released a small clip of his upcoming Showtime interview with Vladimir Putin. Stone had recently criticized Megyn Kelly’s ‘ill-informed’ interview. “She’s beautiful to look at, and I’m sure that had a lot to do with getting any interview at all, because he’s not averse to beauty. Also, she has charisma, but she’s not informed well,” said Stone of Megyn Kelly.

During the released clip of Stone’s interview, Putin shared his opinions on John McCain. Despite McCain calling Putin a “butcher” and a “thug”, Putin had some nice things to say about McCain.

“You know, unfortunately, there are many senators like that in the United States,” Putin said. Stone showed Putin a clip of McCain claiming there was “no moral equivalence” between America and Russia. “Well, honestly, I like Sen. McCain to a certain extent,” responded Putin. This made Stone laugh.

“And I’m not joking. I like him because of his patriotism. And I can relate to his consistency in fighting for the interests of his own country,” said Putin. But then he through some criticism at Putin.

“People with such convictions like the senator you mentioned, they still live in the old world. And they’re reluctant to look into the future. They are unwilling to recognize how fast the world is changing. They do not see the real threat. And they cannot leave behind the past, which is always dragging them back,” said Putin. Check out the clip below.

Source: conservative101.com