URGENT: As Soon As Trump Took Office He Introduced 2 New RULES That EVERY AMERICAN Needs To Hear! Better Days Are Coming For U.S Economy

President Trump is officially our 45th president. Luckily for us, he won and he cleaned the white house immediately. Trump is a representative of the people, and he was elected by the people.

However, as soon as taking office, he immediately launched 2 Simple Rules that EVERY American Must Follow OR ELSE!


Oh, and if you are crazy enough to NOT follow his rules, he will make your life very, VERY expensive with trade taxes!

Thank God someone is actually looking out for American businesses and workers again. We have been sinking in foreign labor and illegal immigrants.

The argument that “Americans don’t want to do those jobs” or Americans don’t want to pay that much” are simply stupid.

Most of Americans are willing to work and those who aren’t, need to learn a good work ethic. And as far as the price goes, maybe someone with a minimum wage job SHOULDN’T be buying expensive, lavish goods if it takes foreign slave labor to make them cheap enough!!

Now President Trump needs ALL of our help to reunite this country so we can work together to get jobs, infrastructure, and everything else Americans DESERVE!

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