UPDATE: Sasha Obama Suspended AGAIN On Her First Day Back To School

Sasha Obama seems to be unable to keep herself out of trouble lately.

According to the student newspaper at Sidwell Friends School, the exclusive educational facility attended by the youngest Obama daughter, the 14-year-old former First Daughter had just returned from a suspension when she managed to get herself booted from school for another three weeks.

Obama had spent the past week unable to attend after an incident in the girls’ bathroom “involving an illegal substance,” student reporter Kate Blumenauer wrote in the report, which was published Monday:

“At approximately 7 a.m., multiple witnesses saw Sasha screaming at another student, calling him a “narc.” She them proceeded to slap the student in the face repeatedly. This was witnessed by Principal Dean Burrows, who told The Friendship Circle he had no choice but to suspend Sasha again.”

Obama’s children are out of control and this proves it! It’s good to see that the school administration is standing up to the Obamas’ and their trashy ways.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s children are running successful businesses and contributing to society.