IT’S OVER! After Trying To Sabotage Trump, Retired CIA Chief John Brennan Got The Worst BEATDOWN In His Life!!! [WATCH]

It is no secret that ex-CIA Chief John Brennan absolutely hates our new president in a way that one hates their worst enemy. I understand that every CIA Chief is a man of honor, but I simply can’t understand how can a man like John Brennan be a Chief of such an organization.

I would never even put him as a Chief in a local fast store…

However, Brennan didn’t have the courage to do it when he was on duty, and now, as soon as he left the office he went on to brag about Trump. He, of all people, called him ‘despicable’.

Naturally, President Trump is NOT going to stand for this, so he revealed that the CIA didn’t find him “Despicable,” THEY LOVED HIM!

‘Had a great meeting at CIA Headquarters yesterday, packed house, paid great respect to Wall, long standing ovations, amazing people. WIN!’

Haha. The best revenge is to succeed DESPITE your attackers. John Brennan ran a VERY corrupt CIA with his low-point being him LYING about hacking Congress (Which the CIA cannot legally do).

Brennan is just lucky he is not in jail already. Trump has EVERY right to go after him, especially considering how much “leaking” the CIA was doing to the press under him.

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