Trump Jr. Eviscerates Chelsea Handler For Viciously Bullying President Trump’s New Grandson

Eric and Lara Trump recently announced that they are having their first baby together! This is fantastic news, however one nasty liberal ‘comedian’ didn’t see it that way. When the news was announced Chelsea Handler tweeted, “I guess one of @realDonaldTrump’s sons is expecting a new baby. Just what we need. Another person with those jeans. Let’s hope for a girl.”

Donald Trump Jr. jumped to defend his brother. “Jeans??? I guess I’m not at all surprised… but really?!?! #genes” replied Trump Jr.

“Sorry about spelling mistake. I meant “genes,” not “jeans.” I’m a little stoned. What’s your excuse?” responded Chelsea Handler. However, Don Jr. was not ready to let Chelsea Handler off the hook for mocking his unborn nephew.

“The liberal elite’s real hatred is hopefully starting to be apparent to mainstream America. (both right and left). Their whole “party of tolerance” nonsense only applies if you fully buy into their dogma, and when you don’t their true colors shine. Attacking the announcement of someone’s first pregnancy would seem below the belt to most, but sadly that’s no longer the case,” wrote Don Jr. on Twitter.

“As to the “hoping it’s a girl” comment, I wonder if she knows that she said “jeans” (aka genes) are passed from the same people whether it’s a girl or a boy??? Based on what I’ve seen… probably not. So much for the party of science. #JEANous #btw #itsaboy #genes #science #jeans # left #right #hollywood #fakenes #altleft That’s a long one so their’s probably a typo in there. #LetItGo 😉 BTW Congrats Eric and Lara! See how easy that is? #tolerance #acceptance,” wrote Don Jr. Awesome.


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