Trump Gives Dems The Finger, Destroys Common Core With One Brilliant Move

“Common Core” is another Obama failure that the people of America have had to endure. The program, which tacks $112 billion to the federal budget, is a mess of bureaucratic red tape that has your children being tested by textbook companies and our entire educational system in turmoil.

 Trump had Betsy DeVos investigate Common Core to see what could be done and it turned out that implementation by the Department of Education falls under the purview of the chief executive. Trump immediately issued an executive order to the DOE to cease and desist implementing the standards and practices known as common core and to return us to the “No Child Left Behind” standards that had us rising in the world for nearly 16 months once.The problem with common core is that it’s a federally mandated program that mandates things from the federal level. It tells administrators and teachers how to do their jobs and forces them to teach children new and incredibly difficult ways to do math. All from a series of achievement standards pumped out of some computer in Washington.

Obama is in Bali on yet another taxpayer funded vacation and couldn’t be reached for comment, but Michelle Obama’s office released this statement:

“Common Core is a voluntary program that 38 states participate in that puts the curriculum directly into the hands of the teachers in a region so they can be provided with the best tools to get their students to standards. The standards remain the same for all but how they’re achieved is left to the people who actually educate your children, you morons.

It has no federal funding because there is no federal common core law so Trump just ordered the dumb woman he hired to school reel gud (sic) to stop implementing nothing.

As for those “Common Core Math” memes, those problems aren’t children learning to multiply a different way just because. They already know how to multiply at that point. Those problems are the teacher using critical thinking skills to open pathways for young minds to learn.”

Yeah, yeah…Blah blah blah, more liberal mumbo jumbo. Common Core isn’t a federal law it’s a program. It doesn’t matter. Trump stopped it. Deal with it, tree huggers. 10 plus 10 equals 20.