Trump Had A Carpet Changed In The White House–What They Found Under The Old One Is SICK!

The White House residence isn’t just a free home for presidents. They typically buy most of their own groceries for family meals, pay to have the furniture replaced, the walls painted or papered and the carpets changed. Trump had the entire residence redecorated when he moved in but overlooked one area: The executive study.

Now that Melania is getting closer to moving to DC, President Trump will be spending more time at the iconic mansion, so he finally decided on new carpets and furniture for the President’s private study. When workers pulled up the old carpet that had been there for eight years, they discovered that it was imported from Caledonia and crafted of Egyptian Cotton and goat hair, the same fiber used by suicide bombers.

They also found strange wear on the padding beneath the carpet. In the eastern corner of the small office were five marks worn into the floor, clearly where someone knelt and prayed facing Mecca 5 times a day. There was also the outline of a picture taken down on the nicotine covered walls. This was obviously where Obama went to smoke and pray to a picture of Mohammed.

Trump had the entire room stripped down and fumigated to get rid of the tobacco smell. It now serves as an actual office where the President of the United States works, not where he goes to declare his hatred for his own Christian nation by praying to some moon god.

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