Tim Allen Puts Everything On The Line To Humiliate Trump Haters On Live TV

e liberal entertainment industry has been putting pressure on actors and performers to stand against Donald Trump. To do otherwise has been a direct threat to their career—which is why it’s even more admirable that Tim Allen and his show Last Man Standing is not afraid to break the cycle.

On last Friday’s episode, the men at Outdoor Man decided to use the preparation for their annual colonoscopies as a bonding experience. As they are sitting around playing poker, the men make a series of bathroom jokes that aren’t going to “sit well” with liberals.

Here’s a bit of the dialogue, sure to have liberals outraged:

Jay: Great thing about this poker game is I don’t have to bring beer or chips or anything. I mean, not that I would anyway, but this time, it’s not rude.
Chuck: Tonight, anyone can use any bathroom. This is not North Carolina. Anything to add, Baxter?
Mike: Yeah, and this is coming from experience. [ Clears throat ] Don’t cough.

What do you think? Do you applaud Allen and his show?

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