Something CHILLING Was Just Found At Mexican Border – CNN Won’t Report This

Liberals are constantly claiming that illegal aliens pose no real threat to the American people. What was just found at the Mexican border, however, shows that Donald Trump has actually been right all along…

 Breitbart reported that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers found an abandoned underground tunnel after receiving a tip. Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents found the collapsed tunnel after they were heard about a suspicious opening near the Raul Hector Castro Port of Entry.

Agents found that though the tunnel collapsed 25 feet from the opening, it extended into the U.S. by 60 years. Investigators believe the tunnel was through a tunnel that was previously dug in the same location.

Tunnels like this one are often used by transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) to smuggle both drugs and humans into the U.S. American authorities have found over 200 tunnels such as this one on the U.S. border since 1990.

The Sinaloa Cartel, considered to be the largest and most powerful in Mexico, is believed to be the main cartel using tunnels for their smuggling operations.

Mainstream media outlets like CNN will never report on criminal activities of illegal immigrants because it goes against their anti-Trump, pro-immigration agendas.

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