SHE’S BACK! What Hillary Clinton Just Ordered Women to do to Trump Will Make You SICK!

I’m sorry to say that if you thought we were FINALLY done with Hillary Clinton after she LOST the election, you were WRONG!

The Queen of Mean just put out a new video declaration to the world in honor of the MAKERS woman conference. The bad part is that IT WAS AN ORDER TO RESIST DONALD TRUMP.

She tells her “audience” how PROUD she is of all the women marching against Trump and how they need to continue protecting their rights that are “under attack”.

I think my favorite line is: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE. Hey, I don’t care if a woman runs the country. I say GREAT. As long as that woman is NOT Hillary Clinton.

This woman wants to be the Fuhrer of the United States and she will not stop until she is locked up or gone. If you wanna see Trump take her to COURT like he promised, share this and show him WE ARE SERIOUS!!
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