‘See My Chest Is All Over The Place’ Whoopi Goldberg Has Nutty Reaction Over Viral Photo Of Her

Adisturbing photo of Whoopi Goldberg went viral. In the photo she was wearing a shirt that said ‘Make America Great Again’ with a drawing a President Trump shooting himself in the face. But this was all photoshopped. The actual shirt she was wearing said “AND YOU THOUGHT I WAS A NASTY WOMAN BEFORE? BUCKLE UP, BUTTERCUP.”

She made a segment to angrily address the fake photo. “I need to clear up a lie that was posted online this morning. A photo of me at the Women’s March has been Photoshopped to show me wearing an offensive shirt against you know who. Even though I don’t care for this man, I would never wear the shirt that’s there,” said Whoopi. Why is she afraid to say President Trump’s name?

“So here’s the actual footage of what I was actually wearing that day,” she said. She goes on to narrate the video, “and I open, see my chest is all over the place? That’s me in that shirt.”

“If you feel like that, if you feel like the sentiments like the sentiments on that shirt, grow a pair and you wear it. But don’t put it on me because you think it’s easy,” Whoopi said.

“Every day, half the country despises me, half the country loves me. But you know what? I stand up. You see my face. Don’t put stuff on me that I haven’t done,” said Whoopi. Check out the video below.

Source: consevative101.com