Screw ‘White Guilt’–Trump Just Told Obama Exactly What he Thinks Of Him

Donald Trump isn’t buying into the “white guilt” nonsense that has been a part of the liberal platform for generations. According to the lefties, if you were born caucasian, you should feel shame and guilt over what your ancestors did to slaves hundreds of years ago, even if your ancestors weren’t slave owners. It’s just another way for Democrats to keep dividing our country by color.

In Donald Trump’s America, he understands that you can’t very well have a narrative that black people don’t have the same opportunity as white people, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans or any other people when you’re about to take the keys to the White House from a black man.

In a recent phone call verified by a Trump insider to The Washington Examiner, Obama went off on a tirade about how Donald Trump needs to be more sensitive to the needs of the black community and should continue offering as much public assistance as possible until America “fully accepts” black people into our ranks.

Trump had enough. According to his staffer, who recorded the call but had it taken by Secret Service because of sensitive national security information, Trump informed Obama just what he thought of him:

“He called Obama a real piece of sh*t,” said the staffer, “He said he’s tired of being held to some impossible standard while Democrats parade around calling us racists. He informed the President that his family has never owned a slave and that his administration won’t be insulting black people by treating them differently or offering them any kind of special consideration.”
It’s about time we have a President who doesn’t see color. Trump just wants to clean up the streets of the inner cities and give black people the same opportunity everyone else has. You know, because all lives matter.

The staffer added that Trump has gone out of his way to make sure the low-level jobs like kitchen workers and cleaning ladies in the Trump White House go to as many black people as possible. How could he possibly be more fair than that? Because of this great man, an entire neighborhood full of blacks from Washington DC can once again proudly say the served the President of the United States.
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