Scaramucci’s Conference Was So “Smooth” MSNBC Is Accusing Trump Of Hiring Him Because He’s ‘Attractive’

Anthony Scaramucci was just hired as the new White House communications director and his first press conference went really well. The normal media who would be trying to bully Sean Spicer complimented Scaramucci for being ‘smooth’. He even gave the press a pretend kiss at one point. MSNBC accused President Trump of hiring him because he’s an attractive man.

“Anthony Scaramucci is showing here why President Trump picked him. Smooth and soft-spoken. Lighthearted and optimistic,” wrote the Boston Globe. “IF Scaramucci is this calm and smooth six months from now, it’ll serve him, the president and the press very well,” said US news.

“Anthony Scaramucci is having a very good, very smooth on-camera debut,” said the Washington Post. “Scaramucci is actually terrifying because he’s so smooth and good at this,” said Vogue. That’s a lot of smoothness! Here’s what MSNBC political analyst Nicole Wallace said.

“This is about someone who took some skin out of one of Donald Trump’s archenemies and that’s the cable news network CNN,” she started.

 “So, I wish this were a story about a really important job inside the White House, a post that speaks for the country and the president around the world, but this is about Donald Trump wanting better looking men spreading his message,” she said. Check out the video below.