SCANDAL : Obamas Caught In Billion Dollar Scam

The American taxpayer shelled out more than a billion dollars to the Obama family during their tenure in the White House for “copyrighted use of their name.” On top of the royalties they made for the name being used in “Obamacare,” which added up to more than $90 million, the Obamas also tapped a little-known copyright law to steal from the American people every time their name was used. on any official government form or document, every time the White House photographer

Each and every time their name appeared on a government form or document; each and every time the White House photographer posted their picture and each and every time their name came across the news, the Obamas charged the federal government 1/10th of 1 cent for “licensing to the general public” under US Code Title 17, Subsection 812. The law, which isn’t meant to be used for that purpose, is on it’s way to federal court to be disputed by the Justice Department after they realized that in 8 years the Obamas took more than $1billion from the general fund.

If the court challenges are successful, The Obamas will have to pay back every dime, which they aren’t holding in any US banks. Imagine that…not only did they steal the money, they’re keeping it offshore to avoid paying taxes.

Something needs to be done about these criminals once and for all.