Sarah Jessica Parker Fears She and Matthew Broderick Will Be Attacked and Killed if Donald Trump Is Elected

Donald Trump might have made two guest appearances in HBO’s iconic comedy Sex and the City, but the show’s star, Sarah Jessica Parker, has speculated his political ascendancy is putting her life in danger.

Parker, a high-profile Hollywood liberal who has hosted fundraisers for President Obama, says the political climate generated by Donald Trump has left her fearing she, actor husband Matthew Broderick, and their friends will end up getting hit or worse.

SJP, whose new HBO show Divorce begins this Sunday, told Time Out New York: “The thing I keep saying is that even if — please, God — Trump is not elected, I’m afraid there is now a climate that has said in silence that it is okay to hurt anybody you not-so-secretly disagree with. … Whether it’s how they look or the lifestyle you think they’re leading or the color of their skin, or they’ve come here to, you know, take advantage of this country. I’m terrified.”

She adds of the unnamed Trump-inspired posse of haters: “I said to [Matthew Broderick], I feel like someone is just going to hit us. They’re just going to reach out and smack us or beat the shit of us or, I don’t know, shoot us, shoot my friends. I’m not being dramatic when I think of this. I’m shocked.”

SJP is so shocked that she winds up issuing a rallying cry for Trump: “I will fight to the very end for you to go and vote for Mr. Trump. Go do it. But you don’t have to hurt me to do it. And you don’t have to hate me to do it. I don’t hate you; I wish I understood you.”