Roseanne Crushes Obama In A Truly Hilarious Way After He Makes Deal With Netflix

Now that Obama is no longer the President and no longer on television everyday, he decided to make a deal with Netflix and start producing shows. Obama recently signed a $50 million Netflix deal. While this might be worrying to some people, Roseanne Barr used it to make Obama the butt of a joke.

“#ObamasNetflixShows ideas?” tweeted Barr. Fans responded with their own ideas for Obama Netflix shows. Many of them are parodies of existing movie and TV titles, but with a twist. “I know what the FBI did last summer #ObamasNetflixShows #SpyGate” wrote one user.

“The Lying King” wrote another. “Spy Games” wrote another. “Leading From Behind” wrote another. Some people really went all out.

“Nope and Strange, Vicente Fox And Friends, Alinsky Diaries, Hawaii Five O for Obama, Maxine Waters World
Me, Myself and I Spy, Yes We Can! the game show where we come up with more ways to steal from U.S. taxpayers, Move On: Our Move to Kenya” wrote one user.

“The Chicago Forgotten Show, Season 8” “Breakfast of Iran, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” “Two Half Men!” “”How to Say One Thing and Do Another.” What do you think will come out of this Netflix deal?