Pornstar Stormy Daniels Shares How Much More Money She Started Making After Accusing Trump

Pornstar Stormy Daniels is absolutely thrilled at all the publicity and money she is making from throwing accusations at President Trump. In an interview with CNN Daniels wouldn’t give any details of her lawsuit, but she was glad to talk about how rich it has made her.

“Now, yes, I’m more in demand. Like I said in the Rolling Stone interview, if somebody came up to you and said, ‘Hey, you know that job that you’ve been doing forever? How about next week I pay you quadruple,’ show me one person who’s going to say no,” explained Daniels.

“It’s sort of been a double-edged sword where a lot of people are very interested in booking me for dancing and stuff like this,” explained Daniels, but it is taking away from pornographic films she is supposed to be promoting.

She said the most bothersome “flat-out lies” that have been spread about her is that she’s poor. “I’m actually one of the most successful adult movie directors in the business,” she clarified.

“I’m getting more dance bookings. I usually only dance once a month, and now I’m dancing three or four times a month. So that’s been really great,” she said. She is currently making a lot of money on her new tour “Make America Horny Again.”