Poll: Would You Support Judge Jeanine As Trump’s Supreme Court Pick?!?

Judge Jeanine is arguably the most conservative voices within the mainstream media outlets today.

She has been a voice for millions of disaffected Americans and has assisted in the rise of Donald Trump.

“The world is changing, and all you elite, establishment, ruling class, condescending Washington bigwigs, who think you know better than ordinary Americans, are out,” Judge Jeanine said recently on her Fox News show. “Start packing. Your days are numbered.”

In 1993 Pirro was elected district attorney of Westchester County, the first female to hold that position. She prosecuted murder, rape, domestic violence, and other cases. In other words, along with her knowledge and admiration of the Constitution, she’s a warrior for all the right causes.

But would she qualify for a Supreme Court pick under Donald Trump? Via:thetruthdivision VOTE BELOW: