Police Identify Monica Lewinsky’s Killer

The man who robbed Monica Lewinsky at gunpoint and put a bullet in her head before fleeing in full view of several cameras has been identified as Jerold MacTaggart Bradley, a man decorated as a US Marine before being dishonorably discharged because of his marijuana abuse. His pot addiction followed him through his later life and ultimately led him to kill for a few bucks to score.

 At least, that’s the official story.Freedom Crossroads Correspondent Louis Leweigh did some digging through local hard copies of records and found that Bradley didn’t exist anywhere but in cyberspace before 2007. That means he is either a retired spy or an operative for a shadow government helping to carry out missions under the noses of local law enforcement.

We were denied access to Bradley, who has been placed in protective custody “for his own safety” due to the close ties this case has to the Clinton crime family. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether he’ll hand over information vital to any case other than Lewinsky’s killing. On that, his lawyer has released a single statement:

J. McT. Bradley was framed for the murder of Monica Lewinsky. We will prove it in court.

That could prove a fatal error…they’d better be careful. This man could end up being 112 on the kill list. As for now, we are officially listing Monica Lewinsky as Clinton related kill number 111.

Source: thelastlineofdefense.org