Pat Buchanan Makes Chris Matthews Sorry Over False Trump/Russia Claims, It’s Epic

Chris Matthews is one of MSNBC’s most obnoxious reporters. However, when he ranted about his lies in front of Pat Buchanan, he was completely shut down. Matthews claimed that Trump committed “obstruction” of justice by firing Comey. Apparently no matter what Comey does, it is unacceptable for the President to do anything about it because Comey was investigating Trump’s campaign’s alleged connection with Russia.

“This has been going on ten months they’ve been investigating Trump, they’ve got this cloud that he’s Putin’s puppet over Donald Trump for ten months, haven’t found a since connection, no collusion at all has been proven,” responded Buchanan.

“Seventeen intelligence agencies say Russians interfered with our election… how can you say there’s nothing there?” responded Matthews. “Well, because they haven’t produced [evidence],” responded Buchanan.

“Seventeen agencies said [Russia was] colluding to help get our election—” started Matthews again. “They didn’t say collusion at all. They said they were hacking. Did Trump hack? No,” responded Buchanan.

 Buchanan out-argued him well. Why does the mainstream media think it is okay to keep making these claims against President Trump with no evidence? Do they not believe in ‘innocent until proven guilty’? Check out Buchanan crushing Chris Matthews in the interview below.