Obama Just Fell And Busted His Face Open–What He Tripped Over Is Comedy GOLD!

After a campaign appearance for Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas Friday Night, President Obama had to receive emergency medical treatment from the surgeon assigned to Air Force One after he tripped and fell and busted his face open. A source in the President’s press corps witnessed the event, which has been played off as “a minor scrape,” saying that there was a fair amount of blood and almost certainly a couple of stitches.

The best part of the story is how the whole ordeal took place. According to the source, an intern with a major publication, Obama was walking through the staff kitchen in the plane looking for something salty to snack on when he slipped on a pocket copy of the United States Constitution somebody must have dropped, causing him to whack his chin off of one of the stainless steel prep tables.

When one of the chefs joked that he must not have seen it, Obama was heard to say, “I’ve never seen one of those before in my life.” As the crew yucked it up and joked, America continued its suffering outside of the luxury plane as 92 million people were still left out of the workforce staring at a $20 trillion debt their grandchildren’s children will be stuck paying for.

The mainstream media has been silent about the incident and the doctor did a nice job of concealing the wound. While you may not see it, you can rest easy that at least for a week or so it will Obama when he opens his mouth to speak just as much as it hurts us.

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