“Nothing I Have Said Is Crazy!” MSNBC’s Couple Mika and Joe Have Huge Embarrassing Fight Live On Air

MSNBC’s engaged couple Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough got in an angry embarrassing fight on Live National television. It started with Mika going on an insanely obnoxious rant about President Trump. Scarborough responded to her in an equally obnoxious way.

“I think [Trump] is such a narcissist, it’s possible he is mentally ill in a way, and this is on the table. I said it months ago, and now everyone is starting to say it like it’s new, and it’s OK to say. He’s not well,” said Mika. Nice job ‘reporting’.

“At the very least, he’s not well. And he’s so narcissistic, he does not believe the rules apply to him, and that’s where the ignorance label may apply because this is a man who says he can grab women anywhere because he’s famous,” said Mika. Joe looked pissed off throughout the entire speech until he eventually interrupted her.

“Stop right there. I need an eject button!” said Scarborough. She went off on him, demanding an explanation on why he is shutting her up. “Nothing I have said is crazy!” she said.

“We’ll talk about it in the break,” Scarborough responded. After the break the fight continued. “Joe, I am keeping it in the guard rails. … Everything I’ve said you all have thought, and you know you’ve said in your own way … you’re going to talk to me about a filter?” “Yessirre Bob,” said Joe. Check out the video below.