No Human Being Deserves What Famous Author & Athlete Did to Eric Bolling After His Son Died

Former Fox host has had a challenging few days.

First, came the announcement on Friday that Fox would be parting ways with him after ten years and in the wake of harassment allegations which he denied.

Then, as if that wasn’t tough enough, on Saturday, it was announced that his 19-year-old son, Eric Chase Bolling, Jr. had died Friday night.

By all accounts, Bolling and his son were very close. He often spoke of him on his shows and seemed quite devoted to him.

Bolling, Jr. had been a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder and supposedly died off-campus.

Bolling tweeted about his son, asking for prayers for his family.

A family friend said the Bollings are in a profound state of shock. Eric was their only child.

Most decent people would respect his grief.

But not author and marathon runner Dane Rauschenberg.

Several told Dane he was scum.

After being criticized, he claimed that ‘right wingers’ ‘needed a safe space’ and he was just ‘telling it like it is.’