Navy Seal Turns On Hillary, DESTROYS Her Right To Her Face [VIDEO]


Tej Gill is the passionate former Navy SEAL who started Project War Path, a company that sells t-shirts reading, “Hillary Clinton killed my friends.”

This week, he sat down for an interview with Dana Loesch to discuss the attacks in Benghazi, and share his thoughts on the presidential hopeful. We’re almost certain his comments sent the Clinton campaign into panic mode.

According to reports, Gill revealed that Clinton denied more than 600 security requests before the Benghazi attack in 2010.

“If that consulate would have had the security in place that was needed, and denied, that attack would have taken place, but the consulate would have been able to repel the attack,” Gill told Loesch.

“Stevens was trying to desperately get some fire sale barricades,” Loesch added. “The British already left their consulate, it was completely abandoned, and he was trying to get just the concrete barricades.”

“Yeah, 600 requests for security upgrades—denied,” Gill concluded. “The consulate had zero security…The consulate was overrun in 1 minute.”

Watch the interview below and tell us what you think. Do you agree with Gill?

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