MUST SEE: Trump’s NEW HAIRCUT For The Inauguration Day! His Instagram Picture Went Viral Immediately!

We can all agree that one of Donald Trump’s most noticeable trademarks is his hair. Despite the constant critics by the media, he stubbornly refused to change his hair.

Anyway, Trump is about to take office, so it seems that he decided to make a new ’do. He took to social media to show it off on Wednesday, and the response was immediate.

Trump posted a picture of himself and his son on the way back from Florida with the president-elect sporting his new haircut. In just eight short hours on Instagram, it had already garnered 250,000 likes.

“Beautiful Christmas & New Year with family! #Repost @donaldjtrumpjr ・・・ Grandpa @realdonaldtrump and Tristan aka T-man on the ride back from #florida after an incredible #Christmas #vacation this past Sunday. #newyear,” the post read.

Conservative Tribune reported:

“Trump’s hair has always been one of his notable trademarks. He’s even poked fun at it himself; during a 2004 “Saturday Night Live” appearance, Trump played a janitor who was fixing a “solid gold faucet” of a character on the show playing Donald Trump.

He didn’t stop on the campaign trail, either, inviting a woman up on stage to pull his hair just to disprove the myth that it was a hairpiece.

However, as they say — new year, new you. And since he’s about to be the new president, it was definitely time for a new haircut to be in effect. And it looks great, too!”

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