MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Defends Palestine Terrorists, They’re “Regular Guys Like Us”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews made a pro-terrorist, anti-semitic speech so extreme it could have come straight from ISIS themselves. He explained how Muslim terrorism is just ‘regular guys’ fighting back against Israeli oppression. “I think people get bullied for so long, and then they fight back,” started Matthews.

“You know what they’re destroying? I’ve been there. When you go over there to the Palestinian territories, sure, there are terrorists, and they should be punished — by the people over there, that’s where I think they’ve gotta act,” started Matthews.

“But then you have these Palestinian business guys, regular guys like us, just regular people, they’re peaceful, they are being bothered every day of their life to run their business. They have to sit there with some Israeli soldier pointing his gun at them, for three or four hours at every checkpoint. They’re humiliating those people. When’s that cauldron gonna blow?” he said.

He made tons of fake claims throughout the video. He also claimed that President Trump bowed to King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz. However it is clear he just bent his head down a little bit in order to accept a medal that was being put around his neck.

 Why does Chris Matthews try so hard to accept terrorism? Check out the video below.