Melania Trump Makes A Gruesome Discovery On Her First Day Living At The White House

It time the door had been opened since that woman left and let me tell you…the smell was horrible. At firMelania Trump has been so busy with her move to permanent residency at the White House that she hasn’t had much time to talk about it. Her hectic pace is to be sure that her son, Barron, has a smooth, seamless transition from the gold-plated splendor of Trump Tower to the meager mansion of some of the greatest men the world has ever known.

 After setting up the residence to her liking and remodeling some rooms she found to be less-than-tastefully decorated, Melania moved on to her office in the East Wing. She had time to chat up a pool reporter on a tour with his boss about that:

“It was the first time anyone had been in there since that woman left and let me tell you…the smell was horrible. It took 2 hours to finally figure out that it was rotten fried chicken and moldy Twinkies in a mini-fridge under the desk. I had the whole thing thrown away.

Michelle Obama may have been popular but she was not very lady-like.”

Melania brings a new class of woman to the White House. Each First Lady leaves a mark. For Michelle Obama, it looks like waste, greed and hatred for her country. For Melania, it’s grace, talent, and intelligence. She will forever be remembered along with such other graceful, loving women like Nancy Reagan and Jackie Kennedy. Pure class.

Sorry, Michelle, but being “loved by the people” only goes so far.