Megyn Kelly’s First NBC Interview Is Being Described As Possibly The ‘Biggest Get On The Planet’

any fans of Fox News were very happy to see Megyn Kelly go. However, she will soon be starting at NBC and her first interview guest could go someone huge. Someone very controversial. Vladmir Putin.

According to Page Six, “Andy Lack has been in Russia having meetings to land an interview with Putin,” said one NBC insider. Lack is also hoping to meet with Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. They are saying that if they get Putin for an interview it will be the “biggest get on the planet”.

However, according to Page Six, the interview could go to Matt Lauer or Lester Holt. It is not yet clear. NBC recently partnered with Euronews and if Kelly gets the interview it will stream all over the world. However, the recent strains between the United States and Russia could make this interview difficult.

“It is not clear who would do the Putin interview. News chiefs decide based on who would be best for the job. This isn’t Megyn’s interview — yet,” said one source to Page Six.

Kellyanne Conway is officially out of her contract at Fox and isn’t supposed to start at NBC until the fall. However she may have a Sunday Night show over the summer. For more information read here.
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