Megyn Kelly Just Screwed Up So Badly, Her Career Is Over, Holy Sh*t [Details]

Former Fox News host of The Kelly File carved her name in the all-time Hall of Shame for how she attempted to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign through nonstop smears while she still works at Fox News.

Kelly’s cynical attention-grabbing moves gained her the notoriety that she so craved, and the liberal biased mainstream media rewarded her when NBC News decided to “stick it” to Fox News and hire her away from the conservative network for an exorbitant salary. NBC News recently found out what a giant mistake they just made.

In January, Megyn made a splashy announcement that she would be an anchor for a morning show at NBC. However, several weeks have gone by and viewers have yet to see Megyn make an appearance on NBC.

According to reports, this is because Megyn is selfish and is trying to squeeze the maximum amount of money she can out of Fox News as part of her termination from that network. Explained Megyn’s spokeswoman Leslee Dart diplomatically, “the terms of the termination are still being negotiated.”

This is truly idiotic of Megyn, because it is now beginning to put her status at NBC in question. So much time has already passed, and Megyn is on the verge of becoming irrelevant to viewers as they have not seen her on television on a long time. Do you think NBC should just scrap her show altogether and dump Megyn Kelly?
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