Madonna Leaves America Never To Return. How Do You Respond ?

Celebrities who had said they would quit America if he won have abandoned their promises before President-elect Donald Trump is even inaugurated. Some dismissed what they pledged as a ‘joke’ and others simply went to ground when asked by when they were packing up and heading to Canada or other countries.
It is the first broken promise of the incoming Trump administration – and he didn’t even make it.

The wave of celebrity U-turns was led by Madonna who abandoned a promise to perform sex acts on men who voted for Clinton before the polls even opened.

It is not known if anyone has complained about their disappointment to the multimillionaire liberal singer, 58, over her volte face.

 Others ditching their plans include Whoopi Goldberg, 60, who said on Thursday morning that ‘I’m not leaving the country I was born and raised in,’ and Amy Schumer, 35, who used social media to hit back at people telling her to pack her bags and declared her pledge to go was a ‘joke’.Actress and singer Miley Cyrus, 23, announced plans to leave the country in March but issued a tearful video the morning after Trump’s win saying she ‘accepted’ the 70-year-old as her president.

More, however, have simply gone quiet, including Chloe Sevigny and Ne-Yo.

Quite why so many celebrity would-be emigrants have seemingly decided not to up sticks is unclear, although financial circumstances may have provided a motivation.

In Canada, the destination of choice for many of those apparently desperate to leave, the top rate of income tax is 33 % – slightly less than the 39.6% paid in federal tax by top earners in the US.

Trump has said he will chop the top rate to 33% – meaning there is no financial benefit to fleeing to Canada, although, of course, none of the celebrities had suggested they were moving for tax reasons.

And celebrities would lose money if they escape to Britain, another favorite destination for Trump refugees. The nation has a top rate of 45 % – while Spain and Italy, both mentioned by A-listers contemplating a move, make high earners pay top rates of 45 % and 43 % respectively.

South Africa, another destination mentioned by stars on the move, has a top rate of 41 % – and a president, in Jacob Zuma, who is mired in a succession of corruption scandals.
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