Log Cabin Republicans supports Donald Trump record on LGBTI rights!!!

trumpThe Log Cabin Republicans, a pro-LGBTI group within the Republican party, has backed Donald Trump as a pro-LGBTI Republican candidate.
‘He will be the most gay-friendly Republican nominee for president ever,’ said Gregory Angelo said, president of the group.
In a separate blog post, however, he questions Trump’s stance on gay marriage, which has been unclear over the course of his presidential campaign.
Angelo writes: ‘All over the place – that’s the only way to describe Donald Trump’s stance on marriage equality.’
‘The promise Mr. Trump has made to appoint justices to the Supreme Court who would overturn the 2015 marriage equality ruling is deeply concerning.

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Angelo told Gay Star News: ‘To be clear: Log Cabin Republicans does not endorse in primaries – presidential or otherwise – and is not officially supporting any GOP candidate for president. Our National Board of Directors will not consider endorsements until after there is a Republican nominee for President of the United States.

‘That said, putting everything else aside – and with Donald Trump that can be a herculean, if not impossible task – there is no other Republican presidential candidate in history who in total has attended a same-sex wedding, supported amending the Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation non-discrimination, given tens of thousands of dollars to LGBT charities, including nonprofits caring for gay men with HIV/AIDS, and formally recognized that transgender discrimination exists.

‘In fact, I don’t believe a GOP presidential candidate has ever used the word “transgender”, which would be another historic first.’

Trump has a long history in support of gay employees, and has shown concern for issues which affect the community.

In the late ’70s and ’80s during the AIDS crisis he donated to relevant charities.

More recently, he said on NBC’s Today program he opposed the North Carolina bill that would prohibit people from using the bathroom for the sex with which they identify.

He said transgender people should: ‘Use the bathroom they feel is appropriate’.

Trump said although he supports ‘traditional’ marriage over equal marriage: he considers it a ‘dead issue’ – though he insists religious republicans can still ‘trust’ him on equal marriage.