The Last Person You Would Expect Just Called Trump “Reagan-Esque”, People Are Stunned, Is He Right?

It would be the understatement of the century to say that President Donald Trump has faced a great deal of adversity so far during the past few months in the White House. Democrats have, in sickening fashion, been smearing Trump, his family members and his team nonstop.

Perhaps even worse, a number of closed-minded “Never Trump” Republicans have been working hard to sabotage Trump’s presidency from within his own party. However, Trump just got called “Reagan-esque” by the one person you would never expect to hear such a compliment from.

Trump’s decisive action against dictator Bashar al-Assad has drawn praise across the aisles. It even drew gushing words from the fiercest “Never Trumper” in Washington, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who ordinarily never passes up a chance to put a dig in at Trump.

Said Graham about Trump’s military strike, “All I can say about this president is he has the instincts of Ronald Reagan in many ways.” He added, “He’s an emotional man, but he’s also a very smart man. I think he feels that he did the right thing by those children, and I told him that a proportional response over time is going to be the elimination of a man who’s killed 500,000 people.”

Continued Lindsey, “I think the president feels like he took action consistent with our values as our nation and the world at large. The question for him now is, is this the first step in a longer journey or is this one and done? I believe this is the first step in a longer journey.” Do you agree that Trump is Reagan-esque?
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