Joy Behar Makes A Disgusting Attack Against Melania, Right After Comparing Illegals To Jews In The Holocaust

Joy Behar sunk to a brand new low with this insult to Melania. Her and the other View hosts started the conversation by defending Sanctuary cities.

“I do believe that people when the laws are in place, when there’s a criminal, there’s nothing saying that New York can’t take care of that, that they’re not gonna deport somebody and say, ‘we put this person out,” said Whoopi Goldberg.

“As I said the other day, Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any president, than any president,” said Whoopi. This however is misleading because the statistic she is quoting counts stopping illegals at the border and sending them back as ‘deporting’. “Or, undocumented immigrants, the words are like being black, or negro, or African-American,” finished Goldberg.

Joy Behar went on to compare illegal aliens to both slaves and Jews in the Holocaust at the same time. “It’s sort of like the Underground Railroad in a way, it reminds me of, or the people of Germany who took in the Jews, there are people who are really in trouble, who are going to be separated from their children,” said Behar.

“And anyway, where’s Melania gonna go if we don’t have any sanctuary cities?” said Behar. Why does Behar think that Melania is an illegal alien? Just because she wasn’t born in America? Check out the video below.