Joy Behar Is Horrified When One ‘View’ Host Turns On Her For Trashing Mike Pence’s Marriage!!

Joy Behar got a taste of her own medicine after she insulted Mike Pence’s marriage. Mike Pence made headlines when he mentioned that he won’t have dinner with a woman alone without his wife, and he won’t have alcohol without his wife. While many rational people considered this to be nothing more than a chivalrous gesture, angry liberals called him a sexist.

“I have sad news for Vice President Mike Pence groupies out there. All two of you, where are they?” started Behar. “Apparently he won’t go out to dinner with a woman unless his wife Karen is with him too. And he won’t attend any event where booze is served without her either. Now what is he afraid of?” said Behar.

She and a couple of other View hosts complained how Mike Pence can’t have female friends and that women will not be able to ‘network’ in the same way that men will be able to with Mike Pence. However, Jedediah Bila disagreed with a brilliant response to Behar that no one was expecting.

“That’s different though, you have to remember, first of all he’s in politics, in one of the sleaziest towns in the country. D.C. is one of the sleaziest towns, you walk into these bars, you see tons of inappropriate behavior,” started Bila.

“He can work with other women, I think what he’s saying is that if you’re looking to get ahead, I’m the Vice President, everyone is on a power trip in D.C. You’re looking to get ahead, and you’re gonna try to schmooze me, and you’re gonna walk into a bar and you think you’re gonna drink it up and take some inappropriate picture of me and send it out there. Or try to get something from me, that’s not gonna happen,” said Bila. Behar was stunned. Check out the video below.
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