Joe Biden Asked To Defend Hillary…His Answer Just Lost Clinton MILLIONS Of Votes! [WATCH]

Journalist Michael Cantrell calls Vice President Joe Biden “Obama’s impeachment insurance.”  Biden was a bizarre choice for Obama’s running mate unless one considers it from that cynical perspective. The man is one giant walking talking gaffe.

There’s really no reason for Biden to be granting interviews at this juncture. Knowing him, he could haul off and say something damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, right?

Well, when he was talking to Kasie Hunt of MSNBC, guess what? From Allen B. West:

HUNT: Do you think Americans should be concerned at all about the ethics of The Clinton Foundation? Has The Clinton Foundation always been 100 percent ethical in your view?’

BIDEN: I think The Clinton Foundation, like all foundations, have found themselves in a position where things are changing and I think she’s going to change, adjust to the realities of how complicated it’s all become.

HUNT: Is she clearing herself up enough with that? Should the foundation have stopped taking foreign donations now?

BIDEN: I think you’ll stop seeing them taking foreign donations.

That answer leads any sentient being to wonder: So if “taking foreign donations” is and was a problem that needs to be “stopped,” why did the Foundation do so for so long? The vice president of the United States just more or less declared on national television that these foreign donations are concerning.

Biden probably congratulated himself later for giving a vague answer, but it was the type that will just have even Hillary supporters wondering why such evasive replies are necessary. Watch his response below.

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