Jimmy Kimmel Attacks Brian Kilmeade, The Fox News Host Has Prefect Response

Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night talk show anchor, attacked Brian Kilmeade “Fox & Friends” host, Wednesday night. He noted a comment that Kilmeade made on his show that got his attention.

“Sunday’s politically charged Emmys may have been the lowest rated in history, but that isn’t stopping Hollywood elites like Jimmy Kimmel from pushing their politics on the rest of the country,” Kilmeade stated.

Kimmel felt frustrated about this comment especially because of what he’s done for him in the past. He continued saying how Kilmeade “kisses [his] a** like a little boy meeting Batman” when they met. Afterwards, he said that he even wrote a recommendation for Kilmeade’s book.

 Kimmel continued.

“He’s dying to be a member of the Hollywood elite. The only reason he’s not a member of the Hollywood elite is because nobody will hire him to be one,” Kimmel stated. “The reason I’m talking about this is because my son had an open-heart surgery and has to have two more, and because of that, I learned there are kids with no insurance in the same situation.”

Kimmel then started to attack on a more personal level:

“I don’t get anything out this, Brian, you phony little creep. Oh, I’ll pound you see when I see you. That is my blurb. That will be my blurb for your next book — Brian Kilmeade is a phony little creep.”

When he saw the soundbite from Kimmel, Kilmeade decided to tell a different story. He could’ve added fuel to the fire, but managed to remain level-headed.

Kilmeade stated:

“What we are doing on our show is we’re talking to the people in the fray and the analysts on both sides.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel personally attacked me. What I do is I do this morning show so I can’t see it, but I got up and I had a chance to look at the clip.

And this is what I would like to say on this: I hope your son gets better. I hope your son gets all the care he needs.”

He also stated he appreciates Kimmel’s political viewpoints, even though he doesn’t agree with it:

“I’m glad you are interested. You’re causing the — you are doing a great job bringing the dialogue out.

But you should actually do what we are doing; talk to the people that wrote it yeah; Senator Graham, Senator Cassidy, asking tough questions to — to Michael. And we’ll see where we go from here.”

At the end, Kilmeade managed to balance the personal attacks with grace and tact:

“About me and you personally, you know, I did this thing called to request an interview for an up-and-coming talk show host, you did a great job on Fox Sports.

And even when you weren’t getting great ratings, I thought you and the show was [sic] excellent. When I was at ‘American Idol’ across the street at the finale, I walked over at least two years, maybe three years, and you were kind enough to give an interview to me.

I thought the pieces went great. I didn’t kiss your butt.

I thought you did a good job, and I thought I’d highlight behind the scenes an up-and-coming talk show. And you’re trying, me trying to get you to blurb the book. A little mistaken. I actually tried to get you in this book in 2003, “It’s How You Play the Game.”

“The Games Do Count,” two books, back-to-back. I wanted to focus on people in sports and how it helped them later on in life. Guys like The Rock to be in it, President Bush to be in it, and Robin Williams to be in it, I wanted you to be in it. It didn’t work out. I didn’t think that was negative. Continue to do a great job. Best luck with your son. Back in a moment.”

On the video below you can see Kilmeade’s full response.