Ivanka Trump Harasser Mum On JetBlue Confrontation!

Ivanka Trump harasser doesn’t want to be harassed by a reporter at the airport! Well I’m guessing that he got a taste of their own medicine. If they harass someone it’s gotta be OK, even in front of Ivanka’s husband and their three kids. But they don’t want to be harassed in front of their son, right?

The Brooklyn attorney’s husband or partner, Matthew Lasner, tweeted about the entire thing. It was clear that in the tweets Lasner said his husband was going to chase down Ivanka and her husband, Jared, to harass them, but later deleted the tweets and his Twitter account.

These morons are a disgrace for our country and gay population. Someone gave them the opportunity to even adopt a child, outrageous. Check out this video to see who is gonna raise this poor child! Via: americannewshub.com

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