Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Accepts Donald Trump’s VP Running Mate Invite!

NEW YORK — By the time Donald Trump ushered Mike Pence on stage Saturday, 29 minutes had gone by — mostly Trump talking about Trump, not his new running mate.

Speaking from behind a podium that bore only the Trump logo, the GOP presumptive nominee listed several “primary reasons” for why he chose the Indiana governor — whom he called his “first choice.”

Among them, an affinity for Indiana, a state that Trump reminded was supposed to be a “firewall” for his last two GOP primary rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich — both of whom dropped their bids after Trump trounced them in the state.

Trump also acknowledged his push for Pence was a nod to “party unity,” a surprising reason given the candidate’s past candor that he doesn’t feel he needs GOP unity to win. And finally, there was the aesthetics.

“He looks very good,” Trump said. “Other than he’s got an incredible family.”

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