Hillary Claims She Is Now ‘Free To Speak Her Mind’, Reveals Some Disgusting Things She’s Been Hiding

The New York Times recently wrote an article called “Hillary Clinton, Free to Speak Her Mind”. The article describes that now that Hillary Clinton lost the election in the most “humiliating way possible”, she “has been liberated”. And because of this she can ‘speak her mind’.

President Trump rose in popularity because he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. Maybe Hillary should have got the hint earlier on. “I’ve known Clinton a bit for many years, and when she was running for office she was always monumentally careful in her language — a natural impulse when critics are circling, but it also diminished her authenticity as a politician. Her prudence came across to voters as “calculating.”” wrote the author.

So what has been on Hillary’s mind that she has been keeping from everyone? According to the article, this new ‘outspoken’ Hillary believes that she lost the election because everyone is a sexist against her. Hmmm sounds a lot like the old Hillary, doesn’t it?

“Certainly misogyny played a role. That just has to be admitted,” said the new ‘blunt’ and ‘outspoken’ Hillary.

“She noted the abundant social science research that when men are ambitious and successful, they may be perceived as more likable. In contrast, for women in traditionally male fields, it’s a trade-off: The more successful or ambitious a woman is, the less likable she becomes (that’s also true of how women perceive women). It’s not so much that people consciously oppose powerful women; it’s an unconscious bias,” writes the New York Times. So basically the ‘real’ Hillary is exactly the same as any other version of Hillary.

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