Hannity Just Annihilated Obama After He Learned What Obama Did To Him, Holy Sh*t [Details]

Popular and influential Fox News host Sean Hannity has had to deal with a great deal of scrutiny, both from Democrats and from “Never Trump” Republicans who are opposed to the way he has helped build support for Donald Trump’s transformative presidency.

However, Hannity was completely blindsided when he heard the announcement from joirnalist Mike Cernovich, who said, “BREAKING NEWS! Obama administration spied on Sean Hannity and Erik Prince, per Chuck Johnson.” It did not take long for Hannity to strike back with a fierce response.

Explained Johnson, “I have been told that when Susan Rice says that they were not surveilling the transition members – I don’t know if that part’s true. But I can you 100% they were surveilling people who were on this sort of unofficial transition.”

He continued, “So these were people who were helping out on the side. People like Erik Prince. People like Sean Hannity. These were folks having their phones monitored. Their phones were drained of power. I can tell you 100% Sean Hannity was surveilled and had to change all of his material, change all of his situation on his phone.”

Replied Hannity via Twitter, “Thank u all for heads up. I have zero knowledge of any surveillance vs me or unmasking of me by The Obama administration. Nothing shocks me!” He added, “I will sue the living pants off of anybody who did it — I promise you that. And I will stop at nothing. And I have the means to attack this for years. And I’ll do it. And I’ll do it on behalf of every American’s right to privacy and to be able to make a confidential phone call or send a text or an email to their friends and loved ones.” Sean concluded, “As a matter of fact, I’ll be very rich if in fact it happened. And I’ll sue Obama himself, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice — I’ll sue them all by name in a civil action.” Do you support Sean Hannity for fighting back?

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