People are coming and coming in bigger and bigger numbers to wee Donald J. Trump. He is almost as a pop star, or the pope.

On the other hand, Hillary’s rallies look desperate and sad. There is no buzz there is no masses of supporters, just few hundreds loony lefties and liberals who do not have brain or do not read or watch NON BIASED MEDIA!


Americans seem to be hungry to Make America Great Again as they fill up venues again and again for billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump, and the Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, AL is no exception.

Trump attracted so many supporters that the rally was delayed as they waited for the thousands of people who were in a line wrapping around the arena to make their way in. Trump’s attendees smashed the previous record of legendary musician Elton John who pulled in 8,000 fans to hear him play. The Donald filled the seats with an estimated 12,000 supporters.

The suggestion that the star of a reality t.v. show could become the next president of the United States was seen as a far fetched, and even laughable idea when it was first proposed, but over the last year, Trump has catapulted to the head of the presidential candidates. How has he done this? What is his formula for success?

Trump support has surged due to the fact that he is critical of the same things that Americans are critical of. Americans want the border secured, and the law enforced. Trump has pledged to build a wall, and in addition to that, have Mexico pay for it.

Supporters of Trump are tired of an administration who tries to play down the fact that Islamic terrorists are Islamic, and to this day, will not acknowledge that Islam has anything to do with the Islamic State. Trump not only recognizes the truth that all Muslims are not Islamic terrorists, but all Islamic terrorists are Muslim, and has a plan of keeping America safe.

In addition, Trump is a successful businessman, and now that Barack Obama has printed $1 trillion a year, and doubled the National Debt to an unsustainable $19,000,000,000,000, Americans are feeling like it is important to have somebody who knows business to keep he country from teetering into an economic collapse.

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump does not worry about being politically correct, and though that is a negative for the Liberal media, Trump supporters are finding that kind of honesty to be refreshing, and a sharp contrast the “typical politicians and lawyers,” that go to Washington.

The grass roots movement supporting Trump, and the record breaking numbers he has been drawing at his political rallies might just be an indication that he will be sitting in the Oval Office within a year.