“France’s Trump” Le Pen Promised Something Huge If She Wins, Should We Do The Same?

President Donald completely changed the course of American history by saving its struggling citizens from the liberal failures of Barack Obama and his heir-apparent Hillary Clinton. Now in France, conservative candidate Marine Le Pen is attempting to save her own, even more liberal country from what’s been happening to it.

Anyone who has read the news in the past year or two knows how hard France has been hit by radical Islamic terrorism. Terrorists have shot up French people watching a rock concert in Paris and mowed down people in the streets in the southern French city of Nice. Finally, Le Pen, who many have dubbed “France’s Trump,” has declared her promise of what she will do about this problem.

Le Pen has decided that, if elected, she will defy the European Union and “put back the borders” on her country by halting long-term visas and imposing a hefty tax on French companies who decided to hire foreign workers in France over French workers.

Commented Le Pen, “The European Union is imposing double trouble on us: the lack of physical borders with the irresponsible Schengen Treaty.”

She added, “We got rid of our physical borders and that turned our countries into train stations for all immigrants around the world. I will end Schengen and restore our national borders. No other candidate is proposing this, none of them.” Do you think that we should be doing the same thing here in the United States?

Source: conservative101.com