During Final Speech To Armed Forces, Obama Urges Soldiers To Do UNTHINKABLE To Trump


When President Barack Obama gave his final speech to members of America’s armed forces on Tuesday, he wanted to make sure the men and women in uniform were told how to treat their next commander-in-chief.

Obama told the troops at MacDill Air Force Base, in Tampa, Fla., that Americans have the “universal right to speak your mind, in protest of authority.” He later added that they “can criticize our president without retribution.”

That was not a comment that was well-received in the Twittersphere.

Obama also fired a shot at President-elect Donald Trump. Some of Trump’s advisers have called for what amounts to a Muslim registry to respond to fears of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

“The United States of America is not a place where some citizens have to withstand greater scrutiny, or carry a special ID card, or prove that they’re not an enemy from within,” he said.

Obama also noted that the type of harsh anti-terrorism policies advocated by Trump could backfire.

Source: //www.nationalinsiderpolitics.com/
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